ZAMBALLARANA was born in 1997 under the impulse of singers and musicians from different musical view, old friends or new one incorporate in the warmful circle of the “Casa Musicale” of Pigna.

Partners linked by the senses of music and party, this entertainers invite the public to share them imaginery !

ZAMBALLARANA makes words dancing, worlds and harmonies of Corsica

from this island of Mediterranean , sower of latinity and crossbreeding. ZAMBALLARANA has an international experience (France, Hungary, Italy, Austria, …), sharing them ideas in a burst of merrymaking … and most of all of feast !


Jeremy - voce, percussions, culombu
Laurent - voice, violin, trumpet
Vincent - drums, balafon
Anton - accordion
Jacques - trombone
Eric - bass, string bass
Nicolas - Bass




Dimanche 2 Mars

Akkordeon Festivale, Vienne, Autriche

Mardi 29 Avril

Auditorium, Pigna, Corse

Mardi 13 Mai

Auditorium, Pigna, Corse

Samedi 21 Juin

Mairie de Bastia, Bastia, Corse

Mardi 24 Juin

Auditorium, Pigna, Corse

Du 4 au 11 Juillet Festival Estivoce, Pigna, Corse

Mardi 29 Juillet

Auditorium, Pigna, Corse

Fin Juillet

Massa Carra, Italie

Vendredi 22 Août

Auditorium, Pigna, Corse

Dimanche 24 Août

Castello di Scarlino, Grosseto, Italie

Mardi 16 Septembre

Auditorium, Pigna, Corse

Les 19, 20 et 21 Septembre

FESTIVAL MEDITERRANEO, Portet sur Garonne (31)

Mardi 21 Octobre

Auditorium, Pigna, Corse